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3 Secrets Successful MUAs Don’t Want You to Know.

3 Secrets Successful MUAs Don’t Want You to Know.

3 SECETS MAKEUP ARTIST dont want you to know

So you’ve been busy building your kit, finding faces to practice on and testing with photographers, but you’re still struggling to book the jobs you need to make ends meet. You ask yourself daily, “What the hell am I doing wrong?“. Honestly, this is a question every career Makeup Artist asks themselves on a daily basis. The struggle is real and… I hate to break it to you… never-ending. But there are three things that every successful Makeup Artist does not like to share with newbies.  But, I’m going to share them with you.

Sharing makeup secrets

Sucessful Makeup Artist Secret #1

Successful Makeup Artists don’t like to share their clientele. If you ask them to they will happily cut you off quicker than you can count to three. As you are networking, NEVER EVER ask them to share their clientele with you. No matter how nicely you ask, you will be seen as a threat and they will make sure to tell all their MUA friends to stay away from you. A successful makeup artist goes about finding clientele on their own. Poaching clientele is a good way to get blacklisted in your market. So don’t give the successful MUAs in your area a reason to blacklist you.

3 Secrets Successful MUAs Don’t Want You to Know

Successful Makeup Artist Secret #2

Listings and directories. There are several online directories, listing sites and organizations that you can join to get your name and your link to your website out there. You need to think like the people who are hiring you and places they may go to source your services. This is not something successful makeup artists are immediately open to telling newbies because they get a lot of business from these resources.

makeup artist brand

Successful Makeup Artist Secret #3

It’s more than makeup. Successful makeup artists spend more time and money learning to run their businesses and nurture their brand than they do filling their kits full of the latest and greatest products and watching makeup tutorials. These makeup artists spend every minute of extra time they may have building their portfolios and marketing themselves. They would rather you spend your time at the beauty counter and watching influencers on YouTube while they are busy doing business and booking jobs.

The kitties are out of the bag.  I hope you take these secret tips and apply them to your business to achieve success.

Happy secret keeping.

Mary RC

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